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Why Choose RiversEdge?

Welcome to RiversEdge!

At RiversEdge, we understand that you have many options for establishing an Individual Retirement Account. Choosing the right IRA provider is an important decision. RiversEdge is focused on helping you make the best decisions possible.

RiversEdge offers you high quality, no-load IRA investments with unparalleled service. Our only business is IRAs. This enables us to focus on the unique investment needs of our accountholders.

Additionally with RiversEdge you receive:

  • Only funds that are professionally screened and selected for top performance
  • Low annual account fee
  • Free investment Calculators
  • Toll-free access to IRA professionals to answer your questions
  • Unlimited trades with no trading fees

Why settle for a firm that asks you to select your own investments with no assistance; charges upfront load and transaction fees; or attempts to sell you an IRA comprised of funds that it manages?, No matter what size the account, RiversEdge provides screened investment alternatives, assistance and low IRA fees.

*Mid Atlantic Trust Company is the custodian for all RiversEdge IRA accounts and its affiliate, Mid Atlantic Capital (member FINRA and SIPC), is the brokerage firm on all accounts.