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Congratulations! Whether you are rolling over a retirement plan account or starting a new Individual Retirement Account (IRA), RiversEdge has the solution for your retirement needs. By coming to RiversEdge, you've taken the first step toward taking control of your retirement and your future.

Rollovers from a Retirement Plan

If you are rolling over a retirement plan account to an IRA, the advantages of moving your retirement account to RiversEdge compared to leaving your assets in your former employer’s plan are:

RiversEdge Logo Former Employer 401(k)
You can contribute up to $6,500 annually No contributions allowed
Access to full and partial distributions Full distributions only
More than 30 name brand, no-load funds Limited fund line-up

Begin Contributing to a New IRA

With RiversEdge, you can open a Traditional or Roth IRA and begin contributing today. Click here for more guidance or visit our FAQ section. In addition to contributing to your RiversEdge account, you can move funds from any other IRA you may have into your RiversEdge account.

With any type of RiversEdge IRA, you receive:

  • Only funds that are professionally screened and selected for top performance
  • Low annual account fee
  • Free investment Calculators
  • Toll-free access to IRA professionals to answer you questions
  • Unlimited trades with no trading fees
  • An account that is controlled by your, not your former employer

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