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Welcome to RiversEdge IRA!

We make investing for your retirement easy.  All of our funds are screened using performance criteria that analyze investment performance, expenses and manager tenure before they are offered to you. We believe that screening funds and providing a top quality investment option comprised of no-load funds provides you with a simple and easy way to grow your retirement. You can choose among funds from all asset classes as well as target date funds for those desiring a more managed solution.

Additionally, all of the funds that we offer are:

  • Traded without an upfront, level or back-end sales load.
  • No transaction fees for subsequent transfers or re-balancing.
  • Diverse investment options including stock funds in the Large, Medium and Small cap domestic sectors, International funds, and bond funds with various levels of risk and duration.
  • Available with 24/7 account access through the Internet and via voice response.

Ready to get started?

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Can someone manage my funds for me?

If you want to have an investment company manage your portfolio based on a target date for retirement, you can select from screened target date funds.

Whatever method you want to utilize to select investments we have the solution for your retirement future.

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