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Automatic Rollovers

Welcome to RiversEdge IRA!

Congratulations! Your retirement account with your previous employer has been automatically rolled into an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) with RiversEdge. Your account is now invested in a single Money Market Fund.  However you can immediately begin to diversify your account and invest in over 30 name brand no-load funds that will help you grow your assets and accelerate your retirement.

Additionally with RiversEdge you receive:

  • Only funds that are professionally screened and selected for top performance (click here for fund list)
  • Free Investment Calculators
  • Toll-free access to IRA professionals to answer your questions
  • Unlimited trades with no trading fees of any kind

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Please reference the letter you received and enter your User Name and Password. Once you log-in to RiversEdge, you can change your Password, but your User Name will remain the same. If you have any questions before getting started, visit our FAQ section or call RiversEdge at 877-310-5086.

Now you're in control of your retirement and your future.

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