Premium advice. Affordably priced.

Not everyone can afford a personal financial advisor, and nobody wants to pay high fees for advice services or mutual funds. Pinnacle IRA is dedicated to making professional, unbiased investing affordable for everyone.

Managed Account Fee: 0.30% (30 basis points)

The cost of building your porftolio and managing it over time

IRA Custodial Fee: 0.77% (77 basis points)

The cost of administering your IRA

Investment Fees: 0.10% to 0.18% (10 to 18 basis points)

The cost of underlying investment portfolios. Fees will vary within this range, depending on your specific portfolio.
Note: Investment fees based on prospectus net expense ratios per Morningstar, June 2015.

Total: 1.17% to 1.25% (117 to 125 basis points)

Including investment fund expenses.
Note: There in an annual fee of $48 for account balances under $50,000.

What are basis points?

Financial companies use this term to track very small percentages. One basis point is simply 1/100 of one percent. A fee of 100 basis points would be 1% of the value of your account—$10 per $1,000.

The Bottom Line:

Many professional advice providers and investment management firms charge up to 3.5% on assets under management—which is up to $35 every year for each $1,000 in your account—and that doesn’t even include their investment fees! Pinnacle IRA costs less than $10 a year per $1,000, plus the investment fees.