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Who We Are

Based in Pittsburgh, PA, we are what a retirement firm should be. Payday IRA has been providing employers with an affordable alternative to the 401(k) and other retirement plans since 2002. Payday IRA partners with other like-minded businesses to create the industry’s lowest unit cost. We pass those savings on to our clients and accountholders to give them the best possible value in a retirement plan. Payday IRA is an independently operating IRA recordkeeper. We are not affiliated with any investment companies, meaning our accountholders get investment options based strictly on performance, not name.

What We Do

Payday IRA provides employers with SIMPLE, SEP and Payroll IRA retirement plans for a fraction of the cost of a 401(k) or traditional retirement plan. With Payday IRA, there are no advisory or recordkeeping fees, giving more employees access to retirement benefits. Employees get a retirement account that they can easily manage online. Payday IRA features more than 30 mutual funds that employees can diversify into, as well as Target Date Funds for a more managed solution, all screened and selected by an independent investment advisor.


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Why Choose Us

Payday IRA gives employers all of the benefits of a 401(k) for one low annual fee. Plus, Payroll IRA programs give them a retirement benefit with which to attract and retain talented employees that is free of the liability of a traditional qualified retirement plan. Employees get a low-cost retirement account with more flexibility than a 401(k). Payday IRA also features more investment options than a 401(k), as well as our Investment Selection Tool to help determine the right investment mix. We also offer Target Date Funds for a more managed solution.

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